5th Primary School of Egaleo

"Giannis Ritsos"


Creation, decoration and learning

In this Erasmus+ project our partners are from Estonia, Italy, Portugal and Spain!!! We are really excited about this!! So many new friends!! But… how much do we know about their countries?....

The Logo Contest in Reggio Emilia.

Logos from each country were displayed without any kind of indication about the creator or the country of origin.

Teachers had to choose three logos among all the logos brought in Italy!!...

First Transnational Meeting in Italy.

The First transnational Meeting of the Project took place in Reggio Emilia.

In those three days teachers participated in seminars about ICT and, other useful tools worked on the goals of the project, planned activities, fixed deadlines, agreed on obligations etc.

Promoting our Project

In the following short video you can watch the presentation of the project to the whole school community.

Students watched the Promo Video that was created by all partners. 

Euroknitters TV Channel.

We are really excited to inform you that our First Euroknitters’ News Video is uploaded in our TV channel!!!

Students of all countries collaborated to make this video and the result is magnificent!

Euroknitters… Really  Great Work! Congratulations!!!

A “Euroknitter”… what is this?

The students of our school are very happy to participate in such a project. But… what is this project all about?...

The Greek Logo contest.

Every Project must have an official logo created by students . All  partners organized a Logo Contest in their schools.

Do you speak Greek?

One of the main goals of the project is multilingualism.

Students will learn basic phrases and words in the languages of their partners...

Learning about Estonia

The 6th grade students collected information and images from Estonia and presented them to the rest of the students in our school.



Days go by and Christmas Holidays are approaching.

In our school every year we celebrate this time by creating ornaments, decorating our school, singing carols and participating in theatrical plays!!

Learning Estonian language (part 1)

A few days before the mobility to Estonia, Greek students are learning Estonian. We chose the topic of the spring , we added the appropriate music and….here is the result!!!!

First mobility to Greece 4th to 9th of February

We welcome our Euroknitters friends to the 5th Primary School of Egaleo

Learning Estonian language (part 2)

The students of the 5th grade learned to introduce themselves in Estonian. They also learned how to say "hi" in Estonian!

Our soul...

"Εμείς δεν ξέρουμε τι είναι η ομίχλη.

Εμείς που λες όλα τα φτιάχνουμε στο φως."

(Γιάννης Ρίτσος)

"We don't know what the fog is.

We,as it is said,we create everything in the daylight."

(Giannis Ritsos)