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Our soul...

"Εμείς δεν ξέρουμε τι είναι η ομίχλη.

Εμείς που λες όλα τα φτιάχνουμε στο φως."

(Γιάννης Ρίτσος)

"We don't know what the fog is.

We,as it is said,we create everything in the daylight."

(Giannis Ritsos)

"The "Euroknitters" program was a broad, ambitious project that set itself the goal of a number of important educational and social issues. Utilizing a calendar of goals and activities, a common website as a meeting / imprint of work and communication between us, as well as a range of well-designed and comprehensive mobility actions, children and staff throughout this partnership as a whole , came through it closer. With the ideas of "unity" and "cooperation" as a focal point, a wide range of activities were developed to cover different themes of the curriculum, seeking to integrate all participants.During the project, we had had substantial opportunities to further develop our language skills (through conversation, reading and writing), to develop communication skills.In addition, we discovered a variety of cultural traditions in each partner's "face" related to the concept of "we can all together" (through games and entertainment).The main goal of this project , to enable all of us to recognize the different roles that peoples play in their historical and cultural heritage, uniting different communities and defining their sense of belonging, has succeded!!!!!!!"

KONSTANTINA PAPALOUKA, greek coordinator.

News about Euroknitters and our school from Athens

Greek Euroknitters in Spain!!!

Greek Euroknitters in Italy!!!

 Dissemination – Mobility to Italy

On Monday, 25th February, the students and teachers of our school attended the presentation for the 4th mobility to Italy in the auditorium of our school.

There, we watched photos and videos, we listened to students and teachers describing their special experience. On the other hand, we made some questions and… we wish we had been in their position.

4rd mobility in Reggio Emilia!!!

4th to 8th of February 2019!!!

Three teachers and four students leaved from Athens to Reggio Emilia.

They took part in the 4rd mobility of the Project!!!

We learned, we enjoyed and we had a greate time!!

Exciting moments!!! Unique experience!!!!

Learning the italian

Our trip to Italy starts ...

with activities in our classes!!!

The students of the 1st grade enjoyed so much learning the numbers in italian, that they started playing domino, as soon as they finished. During this process, they were very glad to listen to TARANTELLA!!!

Italian dialogues

Greek Euroknitters in Portugal!!!

3rd mobility in Porto!!! 5th to 9th of November!!!

Three teachers and three students leaved from Athens to Porto.

They took part in the 3rd mobility of the Project!!!

What a great experience!!!

26th of November 2018

Dissemination session

Our impressions from Portugal!!!

Greek Euroknitters in Estonia!!!

Learning about Estonia

The 6th grade students collected information and images from Estonia and presented them to the rest of the students in our school.

Learning Estonian language (part 3)

Hello dear friends! We are the little ones of our school. We are the students of the

1st Grade ! Today we are travelling to your country through our drawings.

We are playing with your cute dolls, we are walking around the city of Tallin...

What a beautiful city ! We close our eyes.... and ... we are there with you!

We are happy you are our friends!!!

Learning Estonian language (part 1)

A few days before the mobility to Estonia, Greek students are learning Estonian. We chose the topic of the spring , we added the appropriate music and….here is the result!!!!

2nd mobility in Tallin 13th to 19th of May!!!

Three teachers and four students leaved from Athens to Tallin.

They took part in the second mobility of the Project!!!

What a great experience!!!

Full of Estonian culture, Estonians education, daily life, theatre, communication, hapiness!!!

Learning Estonian language (part 2)

The students of the 5th grade learned to introduce themselves in Estonian. They also learned how to say "hi" in Estonian!

Exploring the Estonian Viru Bog

Pupils who visited Estonia talk about what else???? ...

Watching Tapestry 2 from Tallin

18th May 2018

The students of the second grade are watching the live streaming of the theatrical play...

First mobility to Greece 4th to 9th of February

We welcome our Euroknitters friends to the 5th Primary School of Egaleo

Welcome to Greece Euroknitters!!!

Do you speak Greek?

One of the main goals of the project is multilingualism.

Students will learn basic phrases and words in the languages of their partners...

First Transnational Meeting in Italy.

The First transnational Meeting of the Project took place in Reggio Emilia.

In those three days teachers participated in seminars about ICT and, other useful tools worked on the goals of the project, planned activities, fixed deadlines, agreed on obligations etc.

The Greek Logo contest.

Every Project must have an official logo created by students . All  partners organized a Logo Contest in their schools.

The Logo Contest in Reggio Emilia.

Logos from each country were displayed without any kind of indication about the creator or the country of origin.

Teachers had to choose three logos among all the logos brought in Italy!!...

Creation, decoration and learning

In this Erasmus+ project our partners are from Estonia, Italy, Portugal and Spain!!! We are really excited about this!! So many new friends!! But… how much do we know about their countries?....

Promoting our Project

In the following short video you can watch the presentation of the project to the whole school community.

Students watched the Promo Video that was created by all partners. 

A “Euroknitter”… what is this?

The students of our school are very happy to participate in such a project. But… what is this project all about?...

Euroknitters TV Channel.

We are really excited to inform you that our First Euroknitters’ News Video is uploaded in our TV channel!!!

Students of all countries collaborated to make this video and the result is magnificent!

Euroknitters… Really  Great Work! Congratulations!!!

News from our school for EUROKNITTERS



Days go by and Christmas Holidays are approaching.

In our school every year we celebrate this time by creating ornaments, decorating our school, singing carols and participating in theatrical plays!!

Museum of School Life and Education .

The students of the first grade visited the Museum of School Life and Education on the 27th of April.....

Mother's day 2018

A video made by students of the 6th grade, dedicated to all moms ..

Exploring the nature

The pupils of the second class visited a big park where they explored...

9th, May... Europe day!!!

This video was created by the students of the fifth and sixth grade who collaborated creatively in order to celebrate the Europe Day, 9th of May.

Visiting  the  "Dora Stratou" theater

The pupils of the fifth class visited Dora's Stratou open theater...


The Athens Polytechnic uprising occurred in November 1973.It was a massive demonstration of popular rejection of the Greek military junta. The students of the fifth grade organized the celebration in our amphitheatre. We honored those who gave their life for democracy!!

6th grade graduation

The day before the end of our school life in the Primary School, the sudents of the sixth class are celebrating...

Christmas crafts!!

The students and the parents of our school make christmas crafts!

These arethe main decor of the amphitheatre and the main building of our school!!!


The weather in Greece during autumn!!!

San Nicolas' song

The students of the second grade visited the second grade visited Zaxaios on the 23rd of November. There, they participated in an educational program concerning the treasure of the oil tree!!!

The Athens Marathon. A bridge that unfiles the legend with history!!!

 Halloween masks – Birds


As a Greek saying goes:  “Keep away from devil, as well as from February’s cold”.

What a blustery day!!! So cold… so much snow,  so nippy!!! So much water in the rivers.

However, winter is almost over as our favourite season, spring, comes.

The students of 1st grade cooperated with the Art teacher of our school  and made masks which depicted birds.

Marseille Open: Tsitsipas overcomes Kukushkin to win second career title

Stefanos Tsitsipas clinched his second ATP Tour singles title with a 7-5, 7-6 (5) victory over Kazakhstan's Mikhail Kukushkin at the Marseille Open on Sunday.

Tsitsipas, who reached the Australian Open semifinals last month, battled hard to secure victory over the 31-year-old Kukushkin in a little under two h ours.

"Winning titles is the thing that I am working for. It's the biggest satisfaction and the biggest joy in tennis," Tsitsipas said afterwards. "There was a lot of stress this week because I knew I had to face some good opponents. I'm happy that I got through that stress and played the game that I was supposed to play.


5th Primary School of Egaleo - Erasmus+ " EUROKNITTERS "

The students  of the A1  and the E1 grade, visited the Ministry of Education, on Monday 19th March 2018.

They took part in an Educational Program named: "Education Process Art ".

Nikos Exarhos, Art teacher and Education Program Manager, talked to them about the art creations inspired by the knitting artwork of Geka Panagiota, which was exhibited at the foyer of Ministry of Education. This 'knitting" was similar to our Erasmus Program, "EUROKNITTERS", a "knitting" of  cultures and relations between the countries that participate in this.

Children watched these artworks, understood why and how they were made, discussed about them and as a scam of all these they created a three-part construction which was related to the "knitting" and the union of the countries that participate in the Erasmus Program.

The teachers who took part in this project were: Papalouka Konstantina, teacher of A1 class. Roussou Konstantina, teacher of E1 class. Pasipoularidou Paresia, art teacher of the school.

“Games are so important”

The students of 5th grade starred in a short film with their teacher’s guidance.

Through this film, we are travelling to the magnificent world of games with the simplest and simultaneously the most interesting manner. Pictures, sound and a beautiful text…. But above all, simplicity and purity of inspiration.


Aggeliki and Marsia, two old students of our school, presented in music class their musical instruments: canon and cello.

They talked to the children about their studies and answered in questions.The students listened to music, they sang together and when it was possible they played themselves.