This project involves around 400 students, from the Agrupamento de Escolas do Cerco do Porto, nine classes of 3th grade and seven classes of 4th grade, from six primary schools belonging to the Group: EB Campanhã, EB Cerco, EB Corujeira, EB Falcão, EB Lagarteiro, EB São Roque.

This project implies 2 years of intense work that will be translated into activities in two modalities in a transversal way. An internal modality of work in each educational center and coordinated through social networks and another modality that involves the mobility of students and teachers to work in the partners’ schools.

7-11 November 2017

First coordination meeting in Reggio Emilia (Italy)

5-9 February 2018

Transnational Meeting in Athens (Greece): three teachers and three students from Oporto Portugal meet in Greece with students and teachers from schools located in Cuenca (Spain), Tallinn (Estonia), Reggio Emilia (Italy) and Athens (Greece) .

There are five fundamental blocks of activities that are summarized in the knowledge and use of European mobility documents such as the European Language Portfolio. An own TV channel "Euroknitters TV Channel, a collaborative play, a cultural, literary and musical work and a fundamental development of the knowledge of the languages of the member countries.